vsopattire — Lil Rebel “Tupac Solo”
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Lil Rebel “Tupac Solo”


Image of Lil Rebel “Tupac Solo”
  • Image of Lil Rebel “Tupac Solo”

Witness the little rebel as he has crazy space adventures battling wacky space creatures and visits dangerous, alien planets! Can he escape the bounty hunters sent by the notorious gangster king, El Rey? Tune in and find out!

Very Slept On Project is proud to announce the first release of our new Uncle Mikey kids clothing line, Lil’ Rebel. An anime reinterpretation of our classic Rebel design, illustrated by the prolific Steve Yurko, this new shirt is exclusively available in kids sizes and features a chest and sleeve print.

The Uncle Mikey clothing line is designed to provide top shelf street wear to the next generation of knuckleheads, straight from the source. The type of designs that mom and dad might pass by due to parenthood partially melting their brain, but that fun aunt or uncle, half buzzed with a pocket full of disposable income, wouldn’t hesitate to pick up for their little homies.